Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

“To be a non-profit agency of repute, nurturing, facilitating the full potentials of persons with disability, uphold the values of diversity, respects, equity and work towards building a better world for all”.


To work with the disabled population to achieve their basic needs/rights such as full access to:

  • The environment (towns, countryside & buildings)
  • Transport systems
  • Technical aids
  • Accessible/adapted housing
  • Personal assistance and support
  • Inclusive education and training
  • Adequate income
  • Equal opportunities for employment
  • Appropriate and accessible information
  • Counselling
  • Appropriate and accessible health care

To create awareness, organize advocacy strategies and lobbying against all barriers-attitudinal, environmental, institutional and communicative in society that hinder persons with disability to achieve their full potentials.

To promote community based rehabilitation strategies and programs in order to equip disabled population to participate as active citizens in all aspects of daily and public life.