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Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme is an approach to rehabilitate the Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in and through community itself. The Snehabhavan CBR Programmes were started in 2000. It is spread over 4 Gramapanchayats of Kottayam District and few areas in Kottayam Municipality.

Aims of Snehabhavan CBR - Project

  • To prevent the segregation of persons with disabilities from his /her community.
  • To strengthen and facilitate the process of natural integration.
  • To improve the quality of the life of persons with disabilities through various interventions which are appropriate and acceptable to persons with disabilities in the community.
  • To make persons with disabilities accept and overcome his/her disability.
  • To make the parents and other family members accept their disabled child.
  • To provide awareness about disabilities and make the disabled persons aware of the existing rehabilitation facilities.
  • To work for the prevention of the disability through public awareness programmes.


I. Prevention of Disabilities

  1. Awareness building to women, parents, youth and couples.
  2. Equip the teachers and parents to identifydisbility in an early stage.
  3. Early intervention.

II. Social Rehabilitation

  1. Conselling
  2. Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  3. Group discussions
  4. Income generation programme
  5. Vocational Training
  6. Support for education and employment
  7. Assistance to avail concessions

III. Medical Rehabilitation

  1. Assistance for corrective surgery
  2. Special intervention through physiotherapy and speechtherapy
  3. Provision of appliances
  4. Referral services
  5. Organizing Medical Camps

IV. Advocacy and Networking

  1. Sensitization Programmes
  2. Forming groups of community level volunteers (Core Committees)
  3. Organizing Federation of PWDs SHGs
  4. Networking with other agencies.







A home of Loving Care for the physically and mentally challenged
Fr. Sebastian Thengumpallil SJ, Director
Gandhinagar P.O, Kottayam - 686 008
Phone: 0481-2597984, +91-94962-24332
Website: www.snehabhavanktm.org
Email: directorsnehabhavan@gmail.com